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Meet the Staff

EAH KirstinDr. Kirstin Losert is a graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has practiced emergency medicine for over 10 years and was a founding partner of a veterinary and emergency referral hospital. In 2011, Dr. Losert returned to general practice and became Medical Director at her previous hospital in 2016. She particularly enjoys surgery, emergency medicine, ultrasound and client education. Dr. Losert lives with her spouse, a local cardiologist, in Florence. The currently have 2 dogs, Ernie, Lulu lemondrop, and 2 cats, Pickles and Sir Wellington. In her spare time, Dr. Losert enjoys hiking, golfing, taking walks with her dogs, performing endless hours of household renovations, and gardening with her 2 free range hens, Java and Cocoa.


EAH BobbieDr. Bobbie Kenna is a graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon completion from veterinary school, she completed and oncology internship at a hospital in her home state of Ohio. She has been doing general practice since 2010 and particularly enjoys surgery, internal medicine, ultrasound, and acupuncture.

She currently lives in Westhampton with her delightful daughter, her 2 dogs, Pretty Perrin naughty pants, Rosalie kisses and her cat, Sassy Colleen Mi-up mi-ups. (That delightful daughter named them.) In her spare time, she loves to go for a run, play outside with her daughter and dogs, and gardening.



EAH SuePractice manager
Sue moved to Easthampton from New Jersey about 30 years ago, and has stayed ever since. She has been in the veterinary field for a little over twenty of those years. She lives in town with her fiance and two cats, and also has a daughter in college. She enjoys traveling (when able!) Kayaking, and reading.
Fun fact: She leaves her Halloween decorations up all year!




EAH AmandaClient Service Representative
Amanda has been in the veterinary field for nearly 10 years, two of which were spent at an emergency hospital. Amanda originally went to school for physical fitness and was a certified personal trainer, but was quickly drawn into the animal field when she received hands on training to become a groomer and eventually after a couple years found herself working at an animal hospital- she has loved the field ever since! Amanda has six pets of her own, four cats and two longaired akitas (only a groomer would be crazy enough to have that much fur in their home). When Amanda is not working she is often partaking in spin classes to counter her love of junk food, kayaking, or having "mommy and me time" with her furbabies on the couch (she let's her husband on the couch with them too, sometimes).


EAH MelissaHead Technician
Melissa graduated from Mount Ida College with her bachelors in Veterinary Science in 2002. She got her CVT the same year. She was at Montgomery Road Animal Hospital for 15 1/2 years but is happy to have transitioned to Easthampton Animal Hospital. Melissa has taught at HCC. When not at work she can be found spending time with her family or running on the bike path.
Fun fact: She ran a half marathon every month in 2016 and she built her own garden pulling tractor.




Eah LindseyTechnicians:
Lindsay graduated from HCC’s veterinary technician program in 2016 and received her certificate in veterinary technology in 2017. She has always had an interest in science and a passion for nursing and animals, so becoming a vet tech was a no-brainer! Her pride and joy is her eighteen-year-old American Quarter Horse, Joe. He’s like my 1000 pound kid! She also has a buff-colored tabby cat named Steve, who has extra toes on all four of his feet.
She loves being with her boyfriend, Jason and his sweet yellow lab, Bella, as well as spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the outdoors, going to the barn, and taking Joe on adventures out in the woods around her parents’ home.


Emily EAH photoEmily is a computer geek transformed into a certified veterinary technician. After studying computers and engineering, she decided to take her life long love of animals and turn it into a career. She started by volunteering at a local wildlife rescue and it was there that she knew for certain that taking care of animals was her calling. She became a veterinary assistant in 2013 while pursuing her associates degree in veterinary technology through San Juan College. She graduated in December 2017 and became certified in May 2018. When Emily isn't busy saving animals she is either dancing, drawing, or hanging out with her three cats Deeders, Mort, and Ash.